For me, being a musician is not just about playing an instrument, it is about telling stories. It’s about mastering the art of listening and listening with the heart. Similarly, walking for me is a form of listening. When we walk, we mind our steps, when we are mindful, we are able to listen. When we can listen, we can understand. When we understand, we become part of each other’s stories. 

I am here today because I want to spread stories of love instead of war and stories of people giving instead of grieving. And although there is still a lot of fear, greed, and hate in the world, we need to remember that there is also an abundance of love, generosity, and kindness. 

I am deeply honored to be part of this year’s Peace March and my hope is that we can walk together. When we walk, we are making a choice to W – Wake up; A – Act; L – Listen; K – be Kind. Because peace is not a destination, it is a decision.