Nityalila Saulo

Filipino artist advocate for Peace and Climate Justice.

Japan Peace March, 2019

This year, Nityalila will be joining the Peace March happening in Japan. She will cover the last 2 legs of the Tokyo-Hiroshima Course from July 16-August 4. Prior to this, she will also participate in the mini-Peace March in the beautiful town of Kurashiki, Okayama – a place heavily affected by flooding last year. The mini-Peace March is to express solidarity with the community.

Follow her updates on her instagram @nityalila. 

About Nityalila

Nityalila’s first love is music. She was nominated Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist at the 2008 Awit Awards, a prestigious award-giving body, spearheaded by PARI (The Philippine Association of the Record Industry, Inc.), that gives recognition to Filipino performing artists and people behind the making of Filipino recorded music. In 2015, Nityalila was the recipient of MUKHA (in the field of music) awarded by Global City Innovative College (GCIC) to celebrate Philippine Culture where they select personalities who embody the passion to preserve local Filipino identity and nationalism in the fields of fashion, music, and the arts.

Art & Advocacy

Nityalila is also an active member of organizations such as Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, a group of artists, musicians, and individuals who use art and music for advocacy; and Yabang Pinoy, a campaign that hopes to unite the Filipino people in believing in Filipino products, in themselves and in fellow Filipinos. Aside from which, she is also an advocate of TikTok Pilipinas and Climate Revolution, both campaign for climate justice and environmental protection. In continuing her commitment as a climate advocate, she has gone on epic walks from Manila to Tacloban (2014) and from Rome to Paris (2015). Nityalila’s lifestyle is a testament to her advocacy.

Ten Thousand Fingerprints

A huge watercolor piece (3 x 14 ft) covered by more than ten thousand fingerprints with the message “LIVE”. It represent the lives lost during super typhoon Haiyan, and those never found. This piece hopes to remind us to value the choices we make every day and to inspire us to live simply so others can simply LIVE.

Pinoy Pride

Art has the power to illuminate, transform, educate, inspire, and motivate. In celebration of this year’s PRIDE, I created this series of stylized Baybayin. 

Climate Jam

A climate education and environmental protection program using music and doodling facilitated by Nityalila and illustrator Desiree Llanos Dee.

Wild Flower Art

In February 2018, to celebrate the Philippine National Arts Month, Nityalila joined Tibok, a month-long creative challenge organized by artist group Dakila. 

“The union of digital photography and my deep love for the earth gave birth to over 28 pieces of stories told by collected flowers, leaves and twigs.”

Tayo Tayo

Tayo Tayo was written and composed by Nityalila for Climate Walk in 2014, a one thousand kilometer journey on foot from Manila to Tacloban. The walk aimed to raise awareness and educate people on Climate Change and to commemorate the 1st anniversary of super typhoon Haiyan. A year later, Nityalila, together with Yeb Saño (former Chief Climate Negotiator of the Philippines), along with other climate advocates from all over the world embarked on a Pilgrimage from Rome to Paris (1,500 kms) to elevate the voices of the Filipino people and vulnerable communities. The Pilgrimage brought the message of interfaith groups to the UN Climate Summit in Paris, France. Tayo Tayo is a call to action for ‪#‎ClimateRevolution‬. Tayo, tayo (Together, we stand!).

Contact Nityalila

The best way to reach Nityalila is via e-mail at