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Nityalila Saulo



Manila girl making art and music wherever possible. 

Nityalila Saulo



Manila girl making art and music wherever possible. 


Ten Thousand

On November 8, 2013, supertyphoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) made landfall in Tacloban city, Philippines. In just two hours, over 10,000 people lost their lives. Supertyphoon Haiyan did not take the lives of these people, it was the small choices we made throughout history that did. Greed has consumed our society and apathy has extinguished the flame of our compassion towards caring for one another and for the earth. “10,000” is a 3x14 feet piece covered by more than ten thousand fingerprints with the message “LIVE”. It is to represent the lives we lost that day, and those we never found. This piece hopes to remind us to value the choices we make every day and to inspire us to live simply so others can simply LIVE.

©2018 Nityalila Saulo

Wild Flower Art

Nityalila always wanted to create art without using pigment – pigments that may be harmful to the environment. The union of digital photography and her deep love for the earth gave birth to over 20 pieces of stories told by collected flowers, leaves and twigs. 

©2018 Nityalila Saulo


Nityalila’s first love is music. Her music is a celebration of the present, bringing her audience to the here and now. She revels in the world’s connectedness and strongly believes in the universal power of music to communicate peace and love.

In 2015, Nityalila was the recipient of MUKHA (in the field of music) awarded by Global City Innovative College (GCIC) to celebrate Philippine Culture where they select personalities who embody the passion to preserve local Filipino identity and nationalism in the fields of fashion, music, and the arts.

Tayo Tayo

Tayo Tayo was written and composed for Climate Walk in 2014, a 1,000 km journey on foot from Manila to Tacloban. The walk aimed to raise awareness and educate people on Climate Change and to commemorate the 1st anniversary of super typhoon Haiyan. A year later, Nityalila, together with Yeb Saño (former Chief Climate Negotiator of the Philippines), along with other climate advocates from all over the world embarked on a Pilgrimage from Rome to Paris (1,500 kms) to elevate the voices of the Filipino people and vulnerable communities. The Pilgrimage brought the message of interfaith groups to the UN Climate Summit in Paris, France. Tayo Tayo is a call to action for ‪#‎ClimateRevolution‬. Tayo, tayo (Together, we stand!).



• MUKHA Awards recipient (in the field of music), Global City Innovative College (GCIC), 2015

• Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence Award, 6th Multiple Intelligence Awards, 2014

• Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Nominee, PETA Asia Pacific, 2009 & 2012

• Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist Nominee, 21st Awit Awards, 2008

• Best Composition, “Laya (Freedom)” by a New Female Recording Artist Nominee, 21st Awit Awards, 2008

• 17 Brave New Breeds, Seventeen Magazine (Philippines) musician to watch, 2002

Selected Press

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Om Shanti Shoal: Peace on a tour

MANILA, Philippines – “There is no way for peace; peace is the way.”

Quoting the words of the revered Mahatma Gandhi, Nityalila addresses the crowd before beginning a song. The local singer and songwriter is on a mission, taking it to stage with her guitar, her band, her music and her guest, a Taiwanese pipa player.

It’s a cross-cultural music collaboration that finds audience curious — initially — then awed. Nityalila’s music, broadly described as folk with tinges of rock and world influences, breathes new life when joined by Chung Yufeng’s improvisations on the traditional Chinese lute.

On the surface, it is a curious mix of the Western guitar and the Asian instrument. The sound they produce together piques the interest of the audience, intrigues, then impresses. (read more…)


Pinoy Artists Make Impact at Climate Summit in Paris

As world leaders negotiate for a possible new agreement on climate change in Paris, France, three Filipino artists are ensuring stories and perspectives from the Philippines cut across the heated discussions.

Three artist-advocates from DAKILA: Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism – AG Saño, Nityalila Saulo, and Micheline Rama – have spent the first week of the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) projecting the truth about climate change impacts in vulnerable nations like the Philippines, as part of the organization’s Climate Revolution campaign. (read more…)

The Roads of Marinduque

If you love going on bike tours in the Philippines, then travelling the Marinduque Loop is a mustdo for you.

Marinduque is an island located in the heart of the Philippines, and just like its location, it is, in fact, shaped like a human heart. It has long been known for its Moriones Festival, which gathers together the town’s devotees and tourists during the Holy Week as the passion of Christ is reenacted. Other than that, tourists also come in troves to experience the simpler pace of life on this beautiful island and savor its fresh produce and seafood. What I have discovered is that Marinduque is a biker’s paradise as well.

I’ve been on many epic bike tours in the Philippines, but the Marinduque Loop is by far the most memorable one. The ride around the island is easy. It’s a combination of climbs and flat roads. Which may present a challenge to less-seasoned bikers but the scenery, the good weather, and the warm hospitality of the people have kept our minds off the difficulty of the ride. (read more…)

Pinoy celebs in running for ‘sexiest vegetarian’ title

MANILA, Philippines – Nearly 20 celebrities in the Philippines have been included in the list of nominees for this year’s “sexiest vegetarian” contest organized by the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia.

Some of the female celebrities in the country who are vying for PETA Asia’s “sexiest vegetarian” title include models Alicia Mayer, Amanda Griffin Jacob, Julia Sniegowski, Isabel Roces, Raya Mananquil and Jinri Park; actresses Yasmien Kurdi, Juliana Palermo, Chin-Chin Gutierrez and Meryll Soriano; singers Geneva Cruz, Nityalila Saulo, Cynthia Alexander and Lougee Basabas; TV host Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan; and former senator Jamby Madrigal.

Former beauty queen Sandra Seifert, who was named the Philippines’ “sexiest vegetarian celebrity” in 2012, is also part of this year’s list. (read more…)